Aktaş Holding Issues Covid-19 Message to its Stakeholders

Aktaş Holding, while doing its best to fight the corona virus, which has gripped the whole world, informed its stakeholders through mailing about the efforts it has been making and the measures it has taken.

The message, published in Turkish and English by Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer İskender Ulusay, included the measures the company has taken regarding Covid-19 and wishes for the period ahead.

Outbreak united all humanity around a common denominator

İskender Ulusay's statement was as follows:

"Dear Stakeholders,

We are living the most extraordinary days of human history. As in the whole world, the fight against the COVID-19 (corona virus) pandemic continues in our country unabated.

This pandemic actually united all humanity around a common denominator. Despite everything, we have to continue to produce by taking all precautions against the pandemic. Because if the production stops, the whole system will be affected and more serious problems will appear.

We believe that our country and all other countries will be able to get through this crisis with the least damage by managing the crisis with common sense. I would also like to thank all of our healthcare professionals who struggle in this critical process with devotion to protect and improve public health.

As Aktaş Holding, we have taken all necessary precautions in our global organizational structure and are implementing these measures meticulously.

The measures we have taken during the pandemic process are as follows:

* Review of the working system and hours

* Short-time working and working from home

* Disinfection in all our facilities and vehicles

* Social distance measures

* Measures in refectories, break areas and service vehicles

* Supply of masks, disinfectants, fever meters

* Special communication works

I wish healthier and more beautiful days ahead..."

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