File Topic: Importance of Occupational Health and Safety Culture in Businesses

Occupational health and safety is an issue that concerns the whole world and has a global impact.

According to the researches on work accidents, it has been determined that 50% of the accidents occur due to people’s error, 10% to physical and mechanical environmental conditions and 2% to unexpected events. And these determined values reveal that approximately 98% of work accidents can be prevented.

In order to create and develop a culture of occupational safety at workplaces, individuals at all levels of the company have important responsibilities and the 'people first' approach must be adopted, especially in production processes.

Reducing occupational accidents and occupational diseases in businesses is only possible with the development of the concept of occupational health and safety and increased awareness in this regard.

The Occupational Health and Safety Week, which has been celebrated every year since 1987 between May 4-10 in order to promote the importance of occupational health and safety, has an important function in raising awareness in society.

Please note that: First occupational safety, then work...

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