Preface: Aktaş Holding Is Leading The Development Of The Sector With Innovative Products

Dear Aktaş Holding Stakeholders,

We are in a period where changes are very fast in every field. As a requirement of the globalized world, the power of responding to the expectations of the future, rather than today’s is highly important for the companies.

For effective and correct management of knowledge that is one of the most important richnesses of this era, it is very important to constantly follow up the technology and responding to the customer expectations in the global level with 'innovative' approaches.

Given that, having a constant improvement culture and adopting a production understanding focused on product development have almost become a requirement for the companies to survive in the future.

At the same time, for effective use of resources running out, application of efficiency works and becoming sustainable for the society's understanding touching the society's future are among the companies' basic responsibilities.

With this understanding, we, as Aktaş Holding continue our investments in knowledge and technology in full speed and keep on taking firm steps for adding value to our society.

In this regard, we continue to develop innovative products without making any concessions on high quality production understanding and are focused on the works to add value to our country and society as we had been since the day of our foundation.

Became 'the leader of innovations in the sector', Aktaş Holding always aims at the best and the perfect, due its perfectionist approach.

And we internalize this understanding that is a significant part of our corporate culture and try to develop innovative products with added value that are suitable for the requirements of the period for all customers of ours all around the world.

This powerful understanding of Aktaş Holding's will continue with the same determination and resolution in the future, as it did today and in the past.

Best regards,


Aktaş Holding Board Member

Chief Executive Officer

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