Aktaş Holding Met With the Students at Uludağ University Career Exhibition

Aktaş Holding continues to meet with the students that are our 'bright future' in the scope of different organizations.

Aktaş Holding took part in the 'Career Exhibition' that is one of the most significant events of Uludağ University and is organized by the Career Application and Research Center (KARMER).

In the scope of the organization that was held between February 28 - March 1, 2018 at Prof. Dr. Mete Cengiz Culture Center, students made several meetings with the authorized persons of Aktaş Holding in order to obtain information on the company and reach internship and job opportunities.

At the exhibition where 32 local and international companies attended, Aktaş Holding's booth attracted a great deal of attention of the students.

A great opportunity for the students

Stated that the 2-day Career Exhibition was quite successful for Aktaş Holding, Sami Erol, Aktaş Holding Board Member and CEO stated that this sort of events made a significant contribution to the students' professional career.

Stated that the exhibitions aiming at bringing together university students and representatives of the sector constitute a great opportunity for students, Erol spoke as follows: "For our young people that are our future to make their career plans adequately, we try to take part in this sort of events."

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