Gold Advice From Sami Erol to Young People

Sami Erol, Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer gave important advices to the students at HRSummit'18 event that is organized by Human Resources Community (ULİNKA) and hosts the high level executives from the leading companies of the sector.

Made presentation titled 'Human Resources Management and Change' at HRSummit'18 event that is followed with interest by all students that want to obtain information on business life, Erol both introduced Aktaş Holding and provided information on business life.

Stated that the change in the world is advancing very rapidly, Erol spoke as follows: "One needs to follow this process well. Change is an inevitable fact in the current world. It is a must for constant development and improvement. The real issue is to make a difference. Countries that keep pace with the change and produce brands make economical and social differences in the world."

Get ready for business life while you are studying

Stated that a great change is experienced in the digital field as well, Erol recorded that there is a differentiation in several fields, due to the changes in technology.

Erol recommended the students to be farsighted and said "Get ready for business life, while you are studying. Prioritize the important works. Try to understand first and then to be understood, and create synergy."

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