Oylum Öztürk Erdem Described the Business Life to Young People

Oylum Öztürk Erdem, Human Resources and Corporate Communication Group Manager for Aktaş Holding came together with the students and explained what they should do in their career journey.

Spoke at the panel 'What Kind of Interns and Employees Do We Look for?' that is one of the most important events of Uludağ University and organized by  Career Application and Research Center, Oylum Öztürk Erdem stated that internship period is very important and underlines that this period must be spent well.

Recorded that internship is a process of learning the business life, Erdem spoke as follows: "Expectation of the workplace from interns is not creating big projects. Interns must consider this period as an opportunity. This period is a very important opportunity for identifying the skills. If internship is used well, it can be a guide for directing the future."

Do the job you like

Stated that time is very important, Erdem said as follows: "One has to manage time well and correctly. Manage the time well in order to attain your objective. Furthermore, do the job you like. The step you take must be for the job you like. One needs to hold on his/her job in order to become successful. Whatever you do, take pleasure and do not underestimate the job."

Erdem underlined the fact that the students' following the events in different platforms such as non-governmental organizations would be useful, and recorded that project-based works in particular will bring important benefits to the business life.

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