At the 11th Corporate Management Summit, Corporate Management in the Changing World Was Discussed

Working with the mission of developing corporate management understanding and increasing the good practices in this area, the Turkish Corporate Management Association (TKYD) organized the 11th Corporate Management Summit, which is realized evey year, in İstanbul.

While the organization of TKYD, member of board of directors of which is Sami Erol, Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer, was realized on the theme of "Driving Force of Corporate Management: Flexibility and Reliability", importance of corporate management in the changing world was discussed.

Şahap Aktaş, Board Chairman; Sami Erol, Board Member and Chief Executive Officer and Mustafa Şenongan, Financial and Administrative Affairs Directors represented Aktaş Holding at the organization.

Requirement of simultaneous management

In the scope of the summit, it was underlined that today's companies have to simultaneously and holistically manage several technological, economic and social factors.

Furthermore, while it was stated that a corporate management understanding based on sound foundations is very critical for the company's sustainability, the summit was fruitful for all participants.

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